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Succor Rubbish Removal - Garbage Piles Enemy N#1!

rubbish removal LondonWe are a professional rubbish removal company. We are based in Hackney, but operate throughout all London and its surroundings.

We started operations 10 years ago when founder Susan C. Corey decided that it was about time for Hackney to have an adequate waste disposal service. Back then she was not quite pleased with the current rubbish removal providers since their prices were often overrated, yet their services lacked proficiency. She then gathered a crew mainly composed of acquaintances - friends, friends of friends who were at the time looking for a job and we ready to help her built a reliable rubbish collection company that will stand for quality and effectiveness.

The rest is history - 10 successful years and thousands of satisfied customers. "Succor Rubbish Removal" Ltd. is on the verge of becoming one of London's major allies when it comes to efficient waste disposal.

The Workforce

In time our employees increased more than fivefold - Succor now employs almost 25 full-time field managers and workers, and another 35-40 part time staff. All these people are well-trained, some of whom with more than 15 years of experience. They know how to handle tasks quickly and efficiently. Discretion is yet another thing they have well been trained in - they come, collect and go without turning your place into a Thursday bazaar. The noise levels are down to a minimum. The tranquility of the neighborhood is always respected.

Experience & Discretion

Our workers have so far faced many different problems, which made them capable of dealing with all types of rubbish collection issues - fallen bulky tree branches, huge piles of construction materials, smelly organic leftovers rotting for weeks, old pianos, massive cupboards….the list goes on and on. We know how to handle it all. Our efficiency is further bolstered by our vehicle park - our trucks can carry out all you ask for!

The Extra Value We Provide

Finally, we are proud to mention that over the years we managed to keep our promise, “no trash traces left behind”. This means that our workers are instructed to always clean the area once they are done collecting the garbage. We want your place to look just the way it did, prior to the renovation or whatever caused these junk piles to grow. We call this extra value for money, that all our customers deserve. Bringing additional value to our customers is the reason why more than 15,000 people have used our services over the years.

"Rubbish removal is not just getting rid of garbage piles. Rubbish removal is about keeping our communities clean and ennobled."

Susan C. Corey

CEO, "Succor Rubbish Removal Ltd."

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