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Do you have waste disposal insurance?

Yes, we have a full waste management insurance. Should our rubbish collectors in London inflict damage on your property, we will fully cover it.

What types of junk do you carry out?

We can carry many types of junk, all of which can be seen on our home page. In general, you can hire us for a cost efficient house clearance, office clearance, garden waste clearance and rubbish removal. Our two-men teams are experienced and always show on time. No matter where the junk is, they will clear it out.

Do you provide hazardous materials removal?

No. We are not licensed to handle and remove hazardous materials.

What London areas do you cover?

We are ready to provide quick and effective rubbish removal in all London boroughs within M25.

What is your price policy?

We basically charge by volume. Per weight we mainly construction materials such as building materials, timber, rubble, cement and soil. In order to give you a more precise quote, our 24/7 call operators will ask of you to provide pictures of the junk you want carried out. You can contact us over the phone, via an e-mail or by simply entering our chat. Our waste removal operatives will then come on site and place you the final estimate. Keep in mind, that tyres, air conditioners, microwaves need additional charge in order to be safely disposed of. For more information, please call 020 3746 4404 or visit our Prices page.

Do you have additional parking fees?

In order to carry out our job properly, we ought to park within a reasonable distance to the junk you want us to remove. If you cannot provide such space for free, we will then include this cost to the final bill. Bear in mind, that we cannot park in dangerous locations or at places we will disturb the traffic and be a serious obstruction to pedestrians.

Do I have to be at the property to recycle my junk?

Not necessarily. We are a fully insured and well known company, so you can be leave your keys to our waste collectors and go do whatever you had planned of doing for the day. You will be immediately contacted once the job has been carried out. We can also arrange a key pick up.

What is your weekly schedule?

Our rubbish collection London services are available seven days per week. We start in early in the morning at 8 am and carry out jobs right until 6 pm. Every appointment after that is to be additionally negotiated. You can rely on us on bank holidays too.

What happens with the junk you collect?

Most of the junk we collect goes to recycling depots and also special recycling transfer stations. Depending on their condition, some items can be reused or even donated to local charities.

Why call Succor Rubbish Removal Ltd. instead of hiring a skip?

Hiring a skip requires applying for a skip permit, making parking block off arrangements, dealing with neighbors, post rubbish removal cleaning etc. Moreover, hiring a skip is not the optimal solution in terms of cost effectiveness - regardless of how much you fill it in, you are to pay for the entire skip. So why waste so much time and not spend it on something you love doing instead. Our service is hassle free and you get the best price per value offer in London!


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